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National Newspaper Week

“Journalism Matters Now More Than Ever” is the theme for this year’s National Newspaper Week, which will be celebrated from Oct. 7-13.The event is sponsored by the Newspaper Association Managers, Inc., a professional organization of executives of state, regional, national and international newspaper associations headquartered in the United States and Canada, in recognition of the […]

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Combating Misinformation

Truth in journalism has been suspect for as long as journalism has existed. Because information is inherently corruptible, championing credible, sourced and verifiable news over opinion, exaggeration or fabrications masquerading as news has long been the struggle within newspapers and journalism at large. The term “yellow journalism,” used to describe false, misleading or otherwise exaggerated […]

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13 Reasons to Host Your Own Radio Talk Show

There are 13 reasons to host your own radio talk show. 1) It gives you a HUGE image boost in the eyes of potential customers and the media. People are more likely to trust what you say and buy what you’re selling. 2) You can make substantial sums of money with a successful show from ads, sponsorships, and […]

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