13 Reasons to Host Your Own Radio Talk Show

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There are 13 reasons to host your own radio talk show.

1It gives you a HUGE image boost in the eyes of potential customers and the media. People are more likely to trust what you say and buy what you’re selling.

2You can make substantial sums of money with a successful show from ads, sponsorships, and endorsements. Companies, magazines, and nonprofits will pay you for the privilege of reaching your target market.

3Others pay for your marketing. Aside from looking at ad money and sponsorships as a revenue stream, it’s also a way to get other companies to pay for your own marketing.

4You get more major media coverage on TV, in newspapers, and in magazines. That’s because they’ll perceive you as being even more of an expert. For example, have you ever noticed how often TV hosts interview other TV hosts and journalists? Just think of Tom Brokaw on David Letterman or Dr. Phil on Leno’s Tonight Show.

5You’re paid to speak at conferences worldwide. Jacqueline Marcel is the author of a self-published book called Elder Rage. She says having her own radio show was one of the best things she did for her career. She talks about issues related to caring for the elderly, and she’s used her program to interview virtually all the best-known doctors and experts in the field. Many of them have done more than just help her promote her show and her book. Once they got to know her personally, they began inviting her to speak at their conferences for a very handsome fee!

6You’re able to attend special events and conferences for free as a member of the press. There are probably events that you’re currently paying to attend that you could attend for free if you were a talk show host. Then you can legitimately ask for press credentials.

7) You get invited back to do more radio/TV shows. That’s because you’ll be better on the air. Nothing makes you a great guest like the experience of hosting your own show.

8A major publisher might want to buy the rights to your book – or pay you a big advance for the right to publish your book. Major publishers nowadays are looking for more than good books. They’re looking to sign authors who have a built-in audience ─ what they call “a platform” ─ from which to sell their book. Talk show hosts have the best platform there is a loyal following. That’s why Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, and Sean Hannity became best-selling authors overnight!

9You can get free vacations, products, and services. One talk show host I know works in a very small market. But he takes his family to 5-star resorts each summer for vacation. He never pays a penny! He simply gives the resort free advertising on his show. This kind of thing is done all the time in the broadcast industry. It’s called “barter” and you can do it too.

10Get access to celebrities, politicians, and many otherwise ‘impossible-to-reach’ people in your industry and build profitable relationships with them. It’s amazing how many influential people will take your call when they hear that you are a talk show host and you want to interview them. People who would otherwise never give you the time of day will now be clamoring to take your call. Think about it. Where else can you get the opportunity to interview and make friends with the best people in your field for a full hour ─ all without ever without paying them a penny for their time? That’s exactly what you’ll be getting when you invite them on your show.

11You can make additional money by turning your show segments and interviews into audio products, books and special reports – all of which can be sold for substantial profits.

12You don’t have to work as hard selling people on buying from you or working with you. This is perfect if you don’t like selling or “closing” people. Once they hear your show and realize that you’re a talk show host, they become convinced that YOU are the one they should be doing business with.

13A successful talk show is perfect as the springboard upon which you can build an entire media empire. This proven marketing strategy has worked for such diverse personalities as Oprah, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Howard Stern, Glen Beck, Jim Cramer, Larry King and Dr. Phil to name a few.

14It’s a total blast! Few things are as fun and rewarding as hosting or co-hosting your own show. You’ll have the joy of determining your format, picking your guests, interacting with callers and building your show, perhaps a ‘station’ or even an entire Network.

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