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Are you passionate about radio? Do you want to promote your small business? Do you want to get your message out? Do you to attain celebrity status? Are you passionate about speaking to an audience? It’s a great time to become a Radio Host. The broadcasting industry has experienced dramatic changes in the past two decades. Finally, the digital technology is here and radio stations can stream their broadcast on the Internet. What can Internet broadcasting do for you? Everything; it’s an opportunity to have fun and make money. Your passion can actually become a career, side hustle or a retirement career. It is estimated that every day, more than 10,200 guests appear on approximately 6,000 radio talk or interview shows across America.

Worried you’re “not qualified?” You’re both right – and wrong.

Are you nervous you don’t have the credentials and know-how to get started hosting your own successful show? Well, you’re both correct and incorrect on this one. First, most people dramatically under-estimate how much they know and don’t appreciate the value of their own life experiences and expertise. The fact is there’s no qualifying exam you have to pass before you can get your own radio show. What’s most important is you discover how to create a compelling and informative show for your audience. It’s why Dr. Phil has a successful show handing out relationship advice even though he’s not a practicing counselor (his expertise was in helping lawyers pick jurors in high-stakes court cases, which is where he met Oprah). Second, it’s simple. What you can do is develop the skills you’ll need to make your shows as successful as possible.

Enter our 5-week Become a Radio Host. We make it easy to get your on air! View any of your area of interest below.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to become a radio host, journalist or start a podcast for your business etc., please fill out the form below. Appointments are available from Mondays – Fridays from 10am – 4pm.

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