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The Immigrant’s Journal Legal & Educational Fund, Inc. (IJLEF), founded in 1998, is dedicated to the diverse immigrant groups that constitute the rich fabric of New York. Our purpose is to educate and empower immigrant communities through developing and coordinating various plans of action on important issues crucial to their growth. In summary, our goals are:

• To educate the community members about the contributions that immigrants have made to the United States, economically and historically.

• To inform members of the immigrant community about the changes in immigration law, the educational system, health issues, voting rights, financial opportunities, and home purchasing.

• To legally assist and direct community members facing immigration and other legal problems.

For many years, new immigrants to the United States have been misinformed, embezzled, and denied opportunities. This resulted from the need for more credible publications and organizations geared toward new immigrants. Hence, The Immigrant’s Journal was launched to fill that void. The Journal provides up-to-date information on laws and regulations affecting immigrant communities and news and human interest stories. The Journal is published in English, Spanish, and French Creole. In March 2005, the first Annual Think Tank Conference: Protecting Immigrants, was held at the Brooklyn Museum, where the Immigrant’s Journal Legal & Educational Fund, Inc. Membership Program was launched. The event was a success, and the Membership Program currently boasts over 5,000 members.

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