The Hon. Mackie Holder – Consul General of Barbados, NY

The Honorable Mackie Holder was appointed Barbados’ Consul General to New York in October of 2018.  He is from St. Peter in Barbados and has extensive experience promoting Barbados.  During his media and marketing career, Holder launched several successful newspapers, including Barbados’ first newspaper for young people, HYPE (Hot, Young, People’s, Edition).  Mr. Mackie Holder is a well-known Barbados culturalist.  He has written about the culture of Barbados and heritage preservation.  He is an award-winning carnival band producer and has a list of artistic and cultural accomplishments to his credit.  In his role as Barbados’ Consul General to New York, the Honorable Mr. Mackie Holder has reached out to NYC Media and organizations representing people of the diaspora, as well as Black Americans, to build relationships within the community and share information and highlights about Barbados.  Go to to read more of the article about their Honorable Mackie Holder.

Interview with The Hon. Mackie Holder on “The Barbados Diaspora”

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