Robert Cornegy Jr. – Brooklyn Borough President Candidate

Robert Cornegy Jr. is no stranger to politics and knows how to get attention.  It’s not hard to notice the 6 foot 10 inches tall City Council Member, who is on record as the tallest politician in New York.  As New York City Council Member for the 36th District, representing Bedford Stuyvesant and northern Crown Heights in Brooklyn, he makes his presence known by speaking at community events, marching with the community through the streets of Brooklyn, and serving on committees.  Robert Cornegy Jr. has pushed several key initiatives including support for small businesses, diversity, inclusion, and equality, and advocates for senior citizens’ rights.  Cornegy hopes his experience as City Council Member for District 36 is enough evidence for voters in the upcoming elections to choose him to be the next Brooklyn Borough President.  Robert Cornegy Jr. stresses the importance of rebuilding back Brooklyn stronger than ever after the pandemic.  To read more see

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Interview with Robert Cornegy Jr. on “Responsible Development”


Interview with Robert Cornegy Jr. on “Public Safety”


Interview with Robert Cornegy Jr. on “Running for Brooklyn Borough President”


Interview with Robert Cornegy Jr. on “Diversity, Inclusion & Equality”


Interview with Robert Cornegy Jr. on “Education”


Interview with Robert Cornegy Jr. on “Students Returning to Schools”

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