Kathryn Garcia – Candidate for Mayor of New York City

Kathryn Garcia hopes to become the first female mayor of New York City.  She has over 14 years of government experience in service delivery, has acted as a crisis manager during the pandemic, and assisted during the Hurricane Sandy crisis in New York.  Previously she served as the Commissioner for the New York City Sanitation Department and was also the Interim Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the New York City Housing Authority.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, she created an emergency food program that reportedly delivered millions of meals to New Yorkers in need.  Kathryn Garcia believes she has what it takes to lead New York City through recovery following this Covid-19 pandemic.  Ms. Garcia’s priorities during her campaign include economic recovery for New Yorkers, safe and reliable transportation, police and education reform, safe and affordable housing, and the implementation of climate resiliency strategies for New York communities.  See www.kgfornyc.com for more information on Kathryn Garcia.

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Interview with Kathryn Garcia on “Challenges for the Caribbean Community in NYC”


Interview with Kathryn Garcia on “Running for Mayor of NYC”

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