K. Bain – Commissioner to NYC Mayoral Racial Justice Committee

To mark the start of early voting, the NYC Racial Justice Commission (RJC) has partnered with 22 Members of the New York City Council to host a Day of Action to bring awareness to the three racial justice ballot measures that will appear in this upcoming election. The initiative is part of the #FlipTheBallot Voter Education Campaign and involves distributing information in multiple languages about the three racial justice ballot proposals to constituents near subways stations, public events and transportation hubs. Early voting in NYC begins on October 29th and ends on November 6th.

NYC’s Racial Justice Commission (RJC) is a charter revision commission established in 2021, tasked with examining structural racism within NYC government. The Commission examined the City Charter to identify structural barriers facing all People of Color and developed ballot proposals aimed at reducing barriers and promoting racial equity. In November 2022, NYC voters will have the opportunity to vote “Yes” or “No” on these proposals. As part of its public information and education campaign, RJC has partnered with elected officials across the city to inform voters about the initiatives on the ballot and encourage voter turnout. For upcoming events and more information, the public can visit nyc.gov/racialjustice.

Interview with Commissioner K. Bain

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