Anthonine Pierre and Assembly Member Chantel Jackson – Marijuana Legalization for New York

Haitian born, Anthonine Pierre, is a philanthropist, advocate, leader, and community organizer.  She is Deputy Director of the Brooklyn Movement Center.  Ms. Pierre oversees Brooklyn Movement Center’s member engagement, communication efforts, and community safety campaigns.  Anthonine Pierre and her organization have spoken out on issues impacting the Black community, including incarceration disparities, essential worker disparities, economic vulnerability, and other issues.  Pierre teamed up with local Assemblymember, Chantel Jackson, to promote marijuana legalization, as the criminalization of marijuana affected Black communities, more than whites – increasing the number of arrests and limiting opportunities for employment and other societal benefits due to having an arrest record.  Read more about Anthonine Pierre at

Assemblymember, Chantel Jackson, is a proud Belizean, born to an immigrant mother from Belize.  She is proud of her parents’ accomplishments and has made a name for herself in her own right.  She was elected to serve the communities in New York State’s 79th Assembly District, covering southwestern neighborhoods in the Bronx including Concourse Village, Morrisania, Melrose, Belmont, Claremont, and East Tremont.  Jackson began her term in January 2021.  Assemblymember, Chantel Jackson, considers herself the voice in Albany for Blacks, women, parents, social workers, immigrants, union members, the LGBT+ community, and all marginalized groups.  Jackson was one of the advocates supporting the need for marijuana legalization.  She teamed up with Anthonine Pierre, of the Brooklyn Movement Center, to promote the decriminalization of marijuana due to the fact that Blacks were arrested more than their White counterparts and suffered the long-term negative consequences of arrests for marijuana possession more than Whites.  To read more about Assemblymember, Chantel Jackson, go to

Interview with Anthonine Pierre and Assemblymember Chantel Jackson on “Marijuana Legalization in New York”

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