Ray McGuire – Candidate for Mayor of New York City

Raymond J. McGuire wants to be the next mayor of New York City.  Although he comes from humble beginnings, having been born to a single mother, with no knowledge of the identity of his father – McGuire pulled himself out of the doldrums of life to become one of the top achieving Black businessmen in America.  With a prestigious Harvard education, McGuire went on to become a global businessman and top-ranking investment banker.  He was once listed in Black Enterprise magazine as one of the Top 75 African Americans on Wall Street.  Thus, McGuire traded in Wall Street for his aspirations of City Hall.  Raymond McGuire believes his ability to pull himself up financially gave him the experience to lead New York City in an economic comeback during this pandemic.  In addition to economic reform, Raymond J. McGuire sees police reform, education reform, and the need for affordable housing as areas that need to be prioritized for New York City.  To read more go to www.rayformayor.com.

Read our article “Raymond J. McGuire: A Contender for the 2021 New York City Mayoral Race” by clicking here.

Interview with Ray McGuire on “Who Ray McGuire Is”


Interview with Ray McGuire on “Running for NYC Mayor”

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